A simple, clean, minimalist watchface for Pebble

I spent some designing and coding my own watchface for my new Pebble watch. The SDK and tooling is surprisingly intuitive and fun. The SDK supports C and JS. Both languages are utilized in this watchface, which is available on GitHub.

A simple, clean, minimalist watchface for Pebble

Testing Android on the MotoX (2nd)

Yes, I work for Microsoft and, yes, I was testing Android. Alert the press! My quick take - Android is really fast and the apps are very polished and full featured. Other than that, I missed my Windows Phone desperately e.g. Live Tiles, Calendar and … [Continue reading]

Titanfall sounds for your Windows Phone

Titanfall for Xbox One

Our engineering team absolutely crushed it with Windows Phone 8.1. There's plenty to enjoy. Including custom ringtones and text tones for People.For fans of Titanfall, here's what it sounds like when I receive a new email. Additionally, when I … [Continue reading]