Developer? Can’t draw? Learn how to create amazing 2D art, today!

UPDATE: 1/15/2015 – All the content shared below is from the wildly talented Chris Hildenbrand over at 2D Game Art for Programmers!

Most developers would tell you, they are not artists – in the classic sense. They would tell you a story of how their UI design is poor and they always choose the worse color schemes for their apps. They would end the story by telling you about their failed attempt at creating a game and how they failed due in part to their “lack” of artistry. Well, today is the day those excuses are forever null and void. Today we will learn how to create amazing 2D, game art. For developers, by a developer.

From characters and vehicles to textures, backgrounds and accessories. If you can draw a circle and a square, you’re in the right place.

Creating a helicopter
Making helicopter modifications
Creating a tank

Characters and Animation
Surfer Dude
Animated Character
Creating character animation
Creating a Lion
Creating a Top Down Soldier
Character examples
Creating an animated strip
Creating a basic face
Creating a bird
Creating a pumpkin

Making guns
Choosing shading and highlights
Creating a steering wheel

Explosions and Effects
Creating explosives
Creating splatter
Creating a bang
Creating lightning strikes

Textures, Platforms and Backgrounds
Creating wood
Creating a ball
Creating grass and mountains
Cartoon cactus
Creating grass and mountains and boxes
Creating a brick building
Creating wood
Creating complex balls
Creating cracks
Creating windows
Creating sunset background
Creating underwater effects
Creating planets

Creating menu text

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  1. Thanks for the mention on your blog, mate.

  2. Good lord. You just linked all of the work in another person’s blog and you didn’t even mention their name. That’s a pretty dbagish move.

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