How to make Kinect audio commands on Xbox One work flawlessly!

Here are two easy steps to making sure your Kinect is configured for an optimal experience.

  • Turn up the volume! – You really want to crank the volume when you walk through the Kinect audio calibration. I cranked my TV to the max volume. To launch Kinect audio calibration, go to “Settings >> Kinect >> My Kinect doesn’t hear me”.
  • Talk at a normal volume – You want to talk to the Kinect at a comfortable volume. Stop yelling! Talk to the device as you would when speaking to someone in your home. Don’t believe me? Whisper to your Kinect, 50% of the time it will hear you and get it right!
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  1. Ken Crandall says:

    I also see people ignoring kinect/speaker placement. They have them right next to each other instead of the recommended 3+ feet.

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